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Mastering the Piano

Bigler-Lloyd Watts Piano Method

Bigler Lloyd-Watts Mastering the Piano is a comprehensive system for teaching piano. Based on proven pedagogy, it shows how feelings affect the ability to learn and teaches how to harness those feelings to create extraordinary results.

By studying the Mastering the Piano method, you will:


  • Acquire specific techniques in a happy non-judgmental environment
  • Discover proven strategies for memorizing music effortlessly
  • Learn injury-free piano technique
  • Improve your performing ability
  • Experience fun-filled learning


The Mastering the Piano method comprises six volumes of repertoire and an excellent technique program. The repertoire is a graded selection of the most popular piano classics, edited for clarity and ease-of-reading. Each volume of music is accompanied by a CD of the pieces, recorded by internatonal recording artist Valery Lloyd-Watts.


Royal Conservatory of Music





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