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Online Lessons


Online lessons are the same as regular lessons, except that you don't have to leave home.


Student and teacher are connected in a face-to-face, live lesson by video conferencing, e.g., Skype.


An additional blessing of online lessons is that support materials, such as music and lesson notes, can be transferred instantly from teacher to student during the lesson.


Most computers sold in the past few years come with onboard webcams and are pre-loaded with easy-to-use video chat programs.


If you're completely new to video chat, the set-up procedure may involve a few minutes of fussing. After that, it's clear sailing, and you get great lessons without leaving home. (You can use the commuting time you saved for more practice!)


What You'll Need

  • A computer with a webcam
  • A video chat program
  • A well-maintained practice instrument
  • Appropriate lesson materials
  • A metronome
  • A desire to succeed

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