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Our teaching approach gives attention to:


  • The happiness of students
  • Efficient lesson programs that make it possible for students and parents to plan ahead
  • Excellent technique
  • Enjoyable repertoire
  • Comprehensive theory
  • Developing rhythm
  • Playing by ear and improvisation
  • Sight-playing


There are many good methods for comprehensive piano study. Three of the best are Mastering the Piano, Royal Conservatory and Suzuki. Each of these methods has tremendous advantages. One will be selected in consultation among teacher, parents and student.


adult piano studentAdults


Adult students have the option of weekly lessons or of single coaching sessions. You can play the music you love and have fun doing it.


Quality coaching ensures your rapid progress. With a strong loop of goals, support materials and feedback, you'll surge ahead and enjoy the ride.


  • Learn a particular genre of music, such as the blues or popular songs
  • Learn a particular skill, like playing by ear
  • Get clear answers to your questions so that you can move ahead


All skill levels, from beginner to advanced, are welcome. There's no audition to ensure that you have some mysterious thing called talent. Talent is the offspring of a desire to play coupled with intelligent practice.


I guarantee that you'll experience a growing love of music and increasing mastery at the keyboard, or your money back.


What You'll Need

  • A well-maintained practice instrument
  • Appropriate lesson materials
  • A metronome
  • A desire to succeed


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