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The Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Method was founded more than 60 years ago by the Japanese violinist Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. It's also known as the Talent Education method.


Dr. Suzuki observed that young children all over the world speak their mother tongues naturally and easily, because they hear the sounds and rhythms of the language in their environment. Loving parents encourage and reinforce their children's efforts to learn their language.


The Suzuki method applies these same principles to developing the whole child through the study of a musical instrument.

Suzuki teaching is based on a philosophy of respect for each child as a unique human being. Dr. Suzuki has said that talent is not inherited and that the potential of every child is unlimited. With the proper education and environment, all children can learn music as well and as easily as they learn to talk.


Suzuki Method concepts include –


  • Environment nurtures growth
  • Every child can learn
  • Parental involvement is critical
  • Children learn from one another
  • Success breeds success
  • Encouragement is essential
  • Ability develops early


– Source: The Suzuki Method. Suzuki Association of Ontario, 2001


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