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What Others Say



"Thank you for your incredible patience, insight and commitment."



"As a teacher of 30 years, I admire your pedagogy."



"You are a fantastic teacher. You can make the most tedious job funny and interesting."

–M D-W


"You are an awesome teacher and I really like getting taught by you!"



"Thanks so much for all your help with James and his music. We have enjoyed this past year, your spirit and sense of humour."

– MK


"Thank you for the great year that Rachel has had. You really made it fun to learn."

– JS


"Thank you for giving us such a great year of learning to play the piano and the guitar. Also, thank you for letting us have the chance to have rockin' duets."

–JH & RH


"Shannon is sure enjoying her piano time with you. Thanks again!"

– KB



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